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'May I ask exactly what part it is suggested that Sergeant David might play in our investigation?' He was disconcerted again by the stuffiness of his own reaction: this development had caught him of guard. 'I thought we might plant her at the Roosters and see what she can pick up.' Harding smiled at the grim ambivalence of the phrase, which he had not intended. 'With respect, sir, I think that is far too dangerous. I shouldn't like to take the responsibility for putting anyone in that situation.' Let alone an inexperienced young girl like this, he thought; he had just enough sense to realize he should not offer up any such hostage to feminism, but only just. George Harding smiled. He had relaxed from the brisk, confident chief he had presented in the media conference; he looked older and more tired. His frizzy hair was almost white at the temples, more untidy than it had been in front of the cameras. He was a fit man for his age, in a well-cut uniform, but beneath it what had been hard muscle was relaxing a little into a natural plumpness. He said,'That was my reaction too, at first, John. I didn't think the risk was justified. But now that we're in private, we can agree that this is a pretty desperate situation, warranting desperate remedies.' 'Hardly desperate, sir, surely. We're – ' 'We're no closer to an arrest than we were two days ago. And we all think time is the key factor on this one. If we go another week, we'll have another woman dead – perhaps more than one.' 'All the same, there must be other possibilities. If I could just discuss this one with some of my senior officers—' 'No!' The negative came from Harding like a pistol shot. 'Look, John, I've read your report of your conference this morning. I noted the views of your forensic psychologist. He suggests we might have a professional man involved: possibly a police officer. Do you disagree with that?' 'No. Not buy instagram followers as one possibility among others. It was I who brought the forensic psychologist in. But that wasn't the only thing he said.' 'I'm aware of that, John. But if there's even the possibility that one of our officers might be a psychopath, it means that we must keep any new initiatives we take within as small a group as possible.' buy instagram followers Lambert nodded glumly. While the two men stared at each other, Ruth David finally spoke. 'May I be permitted a word or two? First of all, the